L03 - Structure


Grids are like the bones in our body. They provide structure and enable us to express ourselves. Our bones are hard enough to avoid fractures, lightweight enough to enable us to move easily, and invisible to make our bodies look graceful. The same is true for grids in digital design. They need to be hard enough to avoid fractures in the design, yet lightweight enough to allow us to compose our designs easily and make interesting compositions. Just as a ballerina without hard and lightweight bones wouldn’t have the power to express herself through her moves, a design without a grid doesn’t have the power to visually communicate.

Now, the hardness in a grid is already given by the mere usage of it. That’s easy. In fact, it’s so easy it becomes a trap for most designers, like it did for me. And they end up giving up using grids, because when they use them, they feel their compositions look dull and boring. That’s because the tricky part comes with using it in a way that is invisible, just like the bones in our bodies.

That’s what we’re going to learn in this course.