Johnny Martinez


When I met Adrián, I didn’t have much experience as a designer and was super lost! He patiently helped me define the path that I wanted to take, and build my portfolio. After that, I landed my dream job at an amazing agency called MediaMonks. This lovely bald dude practically opened the doors for me to a world that I always wanted to enter. Forever grateful!

Andrés Briganti


Adrian’s advice definitely helped me make an honest self-evaluation and take important decisions. Among other things, he helped me find a focus in my career, which, after a couple of years, has helped me find more and better clients.

Taka Imagawa


My first goal was just to get 100 Dribbble followers... and now I’ve got 2k+. As for design, I finally got a job at Jam3 in Toronto, Canada.
Your incredible help and really, really inspirational words lead me to such an astonishing experience. Your advice changed my life. Thank you so, so much.

Struggling to get hired as a Web Designer?

I know how it feels because I've been there. When I started I was completely in the dark in the design industry. And it took me 2 years to figure out how to get hired as a Web Designer. In the meantime, I had to wear a lot of hats (Front End dev, Quality Assurance, print designer, etc.).

You owe yourself some peace of mind from having to filter all the voices out there pulling you in so many different directions.

A proven, step by step process

I finally figured out how to position myself in the industry and get work, and since then I have worked for Fortune 500 companies like adidas, Nike and Redbull, and been offered director positions at companies like Apple & Microsoft.

I'm here to teach you that process that helped me get my first job, and that I kept applying to get jobs at MediaMonks, R/GA and get offered jobs at Apple & Microsoft.